Visualizing recent building permits in Seattle

Seattle is a growing city; cranes have become almost as iconic a skyline feature as the Space Needle. But mapping the facts of Seattle's growth and the feeling of being in a growing city is hard to do. This simple visualization begins to solve that problem.

On the map, color indicates permit type, and size indicates the value of the project. We can immediately see neighborhoods, industrial zones, 'urban villages', and large public projects, like those undertaken by the University of Washington in the u-district. Hovering over individual projects displays a description of the project. Interestingly, these are unavailable for most of the larger projects, but available for most of the smaller, single-family permits. This could be a quirk of the data set - perhaps there are more strict requirements for large commercial projects, and they don't condense well to two or three sentences.

Data is from the wonderful

Click the image below to go to the interactive visualization.